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About Us

Organon Technologies LLC is a software startup founded in late 2006 in San Francisco.

Frederick Clifford Gibson

Frederick Gibson, Founder and CEO

After founding Frederick Clifford Gibson Architect & Associates in 1996, Fred founded the Epistemology Aesthetics Study Group in 1998 which focused on the nature of concepts and aesthetics. From this research, Fred began the Organon project later in 1998 using Lisp and CLOS to create a computer model of concepts. Early in 2006 Fred created an intranet for his architectural firm to organize all the company data. With the introduction of Lean Management and David Allen's GTD: Getting Things Done to the Firm by Frode Odegard and his Lean Software Institute, the intranet began evolving into a more comprehensive management and knowledge tool.


Mike Hinchey

Mike Hinchey, Founder and Software Architect StreamFocus, Software Architect Franz Inc.

Mike was a founder and software architect of Siperian (founded in 2000), a company which makes software for managing customer data (CDM), and other reference data (MDM). He has been coding Java and various technologies for many years, and is very happy to have moved to Lisp for OrganonTech while cofounding the company. Currently Mike is working with Franz Inc with a special interest in Franz's Allegrograph, a modern, high-performance, persistent graph database.

Frode L. Odegard

Frode L. Ødegård, CEO Lean Systems Institute

Frode has more than twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur and trusted advisor to high-tech executives. Organizations he has helped include Sony Electronics Inc., NASA, Lockheed Martin, Candle, Conexant Systems, Mindspeed, and Plantronics. Frode is currently writing a book on Lean for the Software Enterprise. Before founding the Lean Systems Institute in 2004, Frode was the CEO and founder of Ødegård Labs, Inc., a software engineering research and consulting firm. Prior to founding Ødegard Labs in 1991, Frode was the CEO and founder of Modula-2 CASE Systems A/S, a Norwegian company building next-generation tools for embedded software developers. His interests outside work include history, philosophy, psychology, and strength training.